Training Programs

Depending on your individual goals, we at Fitness Factory provide various programs that focus on anything from strength training and muscle gain to weight loss and general fitness. Using our wide range of cable machines, free weights, and cardio equipment our trainers will design a custom program for you with the right mix of isotonic, plyometric, isolation and compound exercises that will help you develop the necessary muscular strength to perform at optimum levels and reach your goals – whether you are training for a marathon, preparing yourself for your next college reunion, trying to squeeze into your high school jeans by your 30th birthday, or just want to look good and feel great on the beach.

Even if you don’t sign up for one of our training programs and prefer to train on your own, all of our new members get a free session with one of our qualified trainers to help you get familiar with the layout of our Fitness Factory with some tips on how to make the best out of our equipment.